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WW2 in a nutshell

Got this from Blizzard forums>

"WW2 in a nutshell"

England: Ok everyone, this is a simple fight, basically we are going to form one big circle around Germany and slowly dps it down. Can uh someone please help me summon the US.
US: Uh yeah guys, I'm in the bank sorting my bags out, dont summon yet.
Poland dies.
Poland: Dude I didn't he just aggroed.
Austria-Hungary is afflicted by mind-control.
France: It's cool, I got this
France casts German-France border shield wall.
Germany casts go-through-belgium.
France dies
France: FFS why do I always die so quick?
England: OK WTF WHY AM I TANKING, I'M SUPPOSED TO BE RANGE DPS FROM OVER HERE. OK I need 2 people to help summon US, we still got this.
US: Wait, I'm just looking at cloth on the AH, don't summon.
Germany takes flight.
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Just repeat of my post in community

- World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.1.0 (2007-05-22)
- Lifebloom: Each additional application of this spell will now
include the full bonus from effects which increase healing. The final
heal, however, is still unaffected by stacking multiple applications
of this spell.

This change was probably unnoticed at first. There were a lot of changes for every class and new shiny Black Temple for everybody. Even most druids were reading only to the line for Epic Flight Form quest.
But as the time faded this small change made big impact. Heal MT for 1k every second? Yes, please. Spending only 200 mana per cast every 5 sec? Get yourself out of casting regen rule? Welcome to Lifebloom world.
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I suspect the error everyone is getting looks like this:

Q u o t e:
The folder "" could not be created.
The file "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\Blizzard Installer Temporary Data - 08103198\InstallLogTemplate\BaseFooter.html" could not be written. If this problem persists, you may be able to solve it by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. If you are unable to correct this problem, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (InstallerFile::Overwrite)

Well, here is what I did before I ever considered deleting WoW and my hard pressed game settings and such that I value. Looking at the previous patch it it's own folder, the one that created 2.2.3 (This can be found in the patches folder in your WoW directory), I ran the bnupdate.exe program to see if the error duplicates. The result is that it didn't so the problem lies in a defective bnupdate.exe that downloaded with the patch today. My solution was to copy the working bnupdate.exe from the 2.2.3 folder into todays 2.3.0 folder. Double click this executable and the patch should proceed as Blizzard planned it. While this may not be an endorsed Blizzard solution, I must admit it did work wonders for me.

Good Luck folks and hopefully I'll see you all in ZA...


Пока суд да дело из двух запаркованных в UC банкальтов повысил до MuleGMов. Места много не бывает. Вообще после патча создать альта и продавать подписи будет прибыльнейшим делом =)

Новости паладина.
Куплен величайший AOE шилд всех времен и народов

Skullflame Shield
Binds when equipped
Off HandShield
2593 Armor
53 Block
+10 Fire Resistance
+10 Shadow Resistance
Durability 120 / 120
Requires Level 54
Equip: When struck in combat has a 3% chance of stealing 35 life from target enemy.
Equip: When struck in combat has a 1% chance of dealing 75 to 125 Fire damage to all targets around you.

Оба прока скейлятся со спеллдамагой, правда чувствуется hidden кулдауны большие. Сразу попробовал WSG на 69 prot paladine - вар+шам убивали убивали да и сами убились. Flag Carrier конечно немного медленный но зато очень неуступчивый. На арену протом пойти это лол, S1 естественно хилерский возьму, но шилд этот сыграет свое дело особенно с 35% спелл дамага.

Арена рестором чего-то надоела до такой степени что вообще не играл пару недель. Потом вышел пугом собрал рогу и лока и взлетели до 1800. После обнуления будет пару недель весело Gladiators сначала полетят к своим 2k плечам, а потом будут услуги по достижению 1850 продавать. Будет много команд Гладиатор + Нуб. И они не исчезнут =)
Друида хилером запишу в рейды, танковать 25-мены лень,да и дорого а эпики будут те же. Да и для арены респекаться не надо, тоже экономия.

Пара дейли типсов для друида.
- Монстр Apexis Guardian за 35 шардов 100% бросает синий шард, за который с добавлением еще 50 шардов можно купить синий Wand и отдизенчантить его в LPS. Кайтинг балансом(и после патча ресто) очень легок, надо просто сначала сыграть в игру Apexis Vibration и получить в ней бафф на скорость. В общем и целом если никто не помогает занимает 10 минут. Insect Swarm+Moonfire. Местные банки с маной стоят 3 apexis shard.
- Птички для Skyguard которых надо ловить в количестве 5 штук прекрасно ловятся будучи зациклоненными (чтобы ДОТЫ не прикончили например).